Staggerwing – Chenin Blanc | 2020

Planted in 1974. And ode to any design can be found in its versatility and longevity. Uncomplicated, easy to understand and adapt, sturdy in execution. To the extent that the only limit is your imagination. And because it stood the test of time, a good example has become a collectable. Both true of cultivar and the plane.

Staggerwing – Cinsault | 2020

Planted in 1954. There is beauty in the mundane workhorse that stood the test of time. The durability and reliability that endears it to its operatives take it to an elevated status of a classic and collectable. Both true of the cultivar and plane.

Left-Hand Downwind 2020

In life, it is good to know what your position is. History tells you how you got here while the future stretches over the horizon with all its possibilities and considerations. This wine invites you to stay in the present and enjoy both. On the Left-Hand Downwind leg of the flying circuit you have your end goal in sight but are still enjoying the freedom of flight. This vineyard was selected to craft a wine for enjoyment rather than scrutiny. The dark organic layer on the “bankies” is unique to this region and helps with water retention and nutrients in the harsh summer season. The block was planted in the early 80s and the roots have found their way to water by this time, yielding fruit that is consistently true to its environment. This wine was made to either age for a couple of years or to be enjoyed today. 1 Sam 17:29 And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?”

Sideslip 2020

Altitude is like money in the bank while speed is like money in hand. Too much of either makes for a rough landing. Enter Sideslip – a fast controlled descent achieved by making your plane less aerodynamic. It is true that to achieve one’s objective, the answer is sometimes counter-intuitive. This wine comes from a group of vineyards closely clustered together. More blood, sweat and tears than new wood or other fancy aging regimes. The process was controlled and a little unorthodox but sets you up for a marvellous sensory experience. A smooth glide to touchdown. Sam 17:29 And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?”

Touch and Go | 2022

During practise landings, a pilot will let the landing gear kiss the runway and then take off again. It’s a process that should never be rushed and is best if it leaves an impression rather than a dent. During the wine making process, red grapes are left on their skins for just the right amount of time to leave the wine with the right amount of blush for your tipple. Sam 17:29 And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?”

Testflight – Air Support | 2022

When you are in a pickle, you phone a friend. The A 10 Warthog is essentially a flying gun, an airframe build around a canon. The distinctive “Brrrrrrt” sound it makes when it fires strikes fear in any adversary and invokes cheers from infantry in a tight spot. This Durif driven blend packs a punch, its dark and smoldering and will stand up to the test.

Testflight – Spy Plane | 2022

The U2 Spy plane did its best work unnoticed at very high altitude. Inconspicuous and focused on its mission it was later replaced by the iconic SR 71. The Grenache/Cinsault blend does not focus on color, but its heady aromas will beguile and mesmerize.

Great White | 2021

For aviators, sea lovers and winos Great White (and the iconic Shark Mouth) conjure up different emotions …fear, courage, respect and excitement to name a few. Though not the first to use this unique nose art, the shark-face insignia was made popular by the American Volunteer Group, the “Flying Tigers”, during WWII. Their exploits, often against the odds and the fact that the Curtis P-40 gaping inlet scoop was the perfect foil for the shark grin, immortalised them in many aviator-loving minds. Great White is a blend of cultivars suited to the warm summers of this region. Each playing its part to create a liquid band performing the song of their vintage

Pilot & Navigator | 2021

The pilot and navigator both bring different sets of attributes and abilities to the cockpit. Combined with good communication and healthy dose of respect for each other’s skills, they form one of the most dynamic and iconic partnerships where the whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts. The Pinotage and Tannat vineyards used for this wine is planted next to each other on our farm, not even separated by a road. They share the same soil and sunshine and both contribute to the wine their unique strengths, both allowing the other one play their part. The plush fruit of the proudly South African Pinotage are strikingly supported by the structure and color of Tannat. Neighboring vineyards united in your glass.

Stealth | 2021

Although stealth aeroplanes are designed to go about their business undetected, they have captivated countless minds and hearts with their performance and iconic designs. It seems that the more they avoid the limelight, the more the intrigue increase. Grenache Noir by nature does not make a dark-coloured wine but beguiles the partaker with its complexity of aromas and flavours and rich yet elegant palate. Both the wine and the stealth plane are so much more than meets the eye. The Grenache/Cinsault blend does not focus on color, but its heady aromas will beguile and mesmerize.

Tiger Moth | Shiraz Based Blend

The De Havilland Tiger Moth was created as a training and civilian aircraft in the early 1930’s. Close to 9000 was build and was distributed throughout the Common Wealth states earning the nickname, “Trainer of the Empire”.A vital cog then in the WW2 efforts to enable aviators to advance to Spitfires and Hurricanes and later on civilians to realise their dreams of flight. The bare essential design combined with its nostalgic origins might be the reason of the Tiger Moths appeal, or the fact that it is “easy to fly, but difficult to fly well.” May the iconic Tiger Moth silhouette inspire would be aviators for many years to come.

Barrel Roll

An airplane performing a barrel roll creates the appearance that it is riding on the inside of a barrel completing a loop and a roll in the same time. The quickest way to your destination is a straight line, something air travel affords aviators. Why then this deviation of the most sensible course of action? In the hands of an experienced pilot it is one of the nicest and most comfortable maneuvers to ride through. When executed well it is the epitome of grace and harmony and afford you to see the whole world slowly roll around you. This barrel fermented Sauvignon blanc was made to give your taste buds a thrilling ride, pulling G-forces on your palette and ending off with a memorable experience. Smooth but exhilarating it was made with the journey in mind, not just the destination.


The North American Aviation T-6 Texan or Harvard for those outside the USA was an advanced trainer used to groom pilots for advanced frontline aircraft. It did so with distinction, training hundreds of thousands of pilots in over 60 countries. Over 15 000 planes were built with various sub variants of which the last were retired in 1995 from the South African Air force, earning it a service life spanning over six decades. No athlete or team has won admiration with facts and figures. Pilots and ground crew alike adore the Harvard for its versatility, robustness and easy maintenance. This was a no nonsense military aircraft. And a demanding teacher with enough mystique to keep pilots alert. It is worthy of the moniker the Pilot Maker.

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